Whiny Jessica Yaniv Simpson Tries To Con Their Strata. Fails.

Not big news, but it’s funny and we all need Friday laughs. Jessica Yaniv Simpson was told to clean their parking stall. They did, and then posted a picture of the clean stall and acted like it was never dirty.

Unfortunately for JY, he left the jug of cleaner in the picture.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say he just cleaned this stall. It’s been rainy and dreary weather for a few days in his area and a normal parking stall would show some grit or tire tracks from repeated parking. This one looks pretty clean to me, minus a few stains at the front where he didn’t scrub very hard.

That’s about all…enjoy the lolz.

jessica yaniv simpson

Looks like a bottle of Old Dutch bleach to me….Idiot.

PS Jon…You’re not a transgender girl. You’re not trans. You’re not a girl. You’re a male with a fetish and no brain. You’ll never be accepted by society but your efforts to blame everything on that are hilarious.

As pointed out on Twitter, you can still see the water that hasn’t dried from Yaniv cleaning it. Pic courtesy of JC on Twitter, anonymized in case he prefers that.