Speaking Up and Fighting Back: The Truths about Jessica Yaniv Simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson would have you believe MeowMix is a hate site. The reality is MeowMix started as a platform for Yaniv’s victims to speak up without Yaniv reporting them or trying to scare them into silence. Speaking up has been successful for over three years now. Never stop.

And so many more fought back against defeated Jessica Yaniv’s abuse tactics!

Several more are still fighting and winning!

And never forget the 10 criminal charges.

And the countless other allegations of things that may or may not be criminal:

There’s countless news stories you can find on Google, and thousands of pages of legal documents in our library. Google their current name plus Langley, BC, or SFU, or their past names – Jonathan Yaniv, or Jessica Yaniv.

There’s also these, from his waxing and Supreme Court cases!

If you want more, check out MeowTube, our collection of hundreds of videos and over 5,000 pictures related to Yaniv. See these things for yourself. Read the chat logs. See what we’ve seen and you’ll know who Yaniv is.

This is who Jessica Yaniv of Langley, BC is. This is why MeowMix is here to stay.

We gave so many a voice when they were afraid to speak up, and we’ve documented so many of the wrongs that JY thought would go unnoticed. Jessica Yaniv, aka Jessica Simpson, is a perverted monster that preys on everyone – seniors, underaged girls, and vulnerable members of our community. They must be exposed.