Serial Scammer Jessica Yaniv Simpson Loses CRT Claim (Again)

Jessica Yaniv Simpson filed a CRT complaint against a local small business, Full Throttle Enterprises, after they allegedly leaked JY’s email address accidentally in a group email. JY claimed they were damaged, and should be paid $5,000 as a result.

When Full Throttle failed to respond in time, Jon filed a default judgment application – like he always done. After all, this got him a $5k judgment from Expedia, why not repeat it?

Except, Jon filed absolutely no supporting documentation to support his application, and no evidence of loss or damages of any kind.

So Jon almost won the default judgment – but because he’s a complete imbecile he was awarded $0 and the case dismissed. It’s funny how often Jon sues and has absolutely no evidence to support anything. It’s almost like he’s a complete and total legal failure that abuses the system for profit and fails.

They don’t get much more stupid than this folks.

Please consider supporting Full Throttle Enterprises if you’re local.