jessica yaniv simpson

Samantha and Monica Speak Up, Part 2: Chat Logs

This will be a three-parter guys, maybe even four! If you missed yesterdays post, Jessica Yaniv Simpson is in a single-sided relationship with a young woman named Samantha. Her best friend Monica and her have seen who JY really is and shared their stories. You can read it here.

UPDATE: Since posting these first two articles, new information has come to our attention that we are investigating. Part three of the series will be delayed.

jessica yaniv simpson

Samantha is grieving a very close family members death right now and sharing her story isn’t her priority. We’ve given her some space, but she’s committed to sending our team her chats, etc from JY. In the meantime, her and Monica shared some of their conversation, and Samantha agreed that her conversation with another friend of MeowMix could be posted here, so you can read Samantha’s own words about JY.

Hopefully more to come in the future. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s important to read Samantha’s words and see her feelings. To read how she felt like JY took advantage of her and targeted her.

First, a conversation between Monica and Samantha:

This is when the two began to share information about Yaniv, after doing their own homework. You can see the shock and fear set in as they wonder who they’ve let into their lives.

The screenshots below are from a conversation between a friend of MeowMix and Samantha, and they occurred after the above chats.

This says WhatsApp, we later learned it was when JY told Monica they were together, so not WhatsApp.
It’s good that we have JY admitting that he’s guilty of his two traffic offenses and the fire alarm pull. Hopefully the right people see that.
If you want to send Samantha your best wishes, her Twitter account is public. Please be kind.
The video in question was one of his DJ livestreams.

There’s a lot that can be said here. I want to start by saying it isn’t unreasonable for a friend to want to block out the bad about another person, at least at first. Samantha had previously defended JY on social media until she learned more. Once she saw the truth about how evil JY really is, it affected her.