Rachel Speaks Up!

This might come as a shock, but Jessica Yaniv Simpson catfished another woman. This time, Rachel, a woman in her 20’s local to Yaniv, met up with him under the pretense that meeting another woman would be safe. She was mistaken.

Yaniv’s next court appearance is Oct 21, 2020. He’s facing criminal assault charges. We’ll keep you posted.

Rachel’s name first appeared in the SaraLeaks (see page 394 of the transcript). Yaniv said he met Rachel through the Firework app/site in April but they weren’t compatible. In Yaniv’s words, the kissing was good but he didn’t feel that connection. He claims that they were watching the movie Hannibal, and that he doesn’t like gory movies, so he started making out with her instead. He says she liked it – and emphasized “a lot”.

Yaniv then claims that Rachel wanted to explore, but since Yaniv didn’t have a condom he turned it down. He says he was happy he did so because he would have lost his virginity to someone who just wanted action. He adds that it “just didn’t work out”, and that Rachel just “wanted to fuck”. When he declined her, she blocked him the next day.

Anyone else skeptical? Ya, we were too, so we set out to find this Rachel. It didn’t take long.

The real Rachel is a beautiful, strong, LGBTQ-supporting, self-empowered woman. She has her own career and models on her own OnlyFans site – a level of success and acceptance that JY aspires for in his own life.

We told Rachel what he said about her to Sara and her response was, “Wow are you fucking kidding me? That’s disgusting! He’s so fucking gross! I never would have slept with that. I got creeped out right away”.

Her version of events is much different than his.

In her words, she saw Yaniv’s highly edited profile picture on Tinder – not Firework – and they chatted for a while. I guess Yaniv felt like lying to his fiancé Sara about which app he was on. Rachel was open to meeting JY so she invited “her” over – again, under the pretense that she was inviting over another woman. He arrived with flowers (sound familiar?) They started watching Hannibal when Yaniv started kissing her. She felt creeped out but kissed him back to avoid drama.

Think about this…You’re alone in your apartment when a 6’+ tall, very large person shows up at your door looking nothing like you expected. You’re a tiny woman. What do you do? What will he do if you reject him? Are you safe? Rachel described him as “huge” and says she had no idea what she was in for.

Yaniv tried to pressure Rachel into escalating things but she was creeped out, scared, and not at all interested in having sex with him. She made up an excuse about not feeling well and Yaniv left. She immediately blocked him on all of her social media accounts.

In comparison, Yaniv’s version of events has Rachel practically pouring herself into his pants and him fighting her off. If you ask Rachel, she invited someone over who looked like the one on the left and got the one on the right. Being a small, young woman alone in an apartment, she did what she could to stay safe and end the evening without drama.

jessica yaniv simpson reality vs tinder

Is this any different from what many other famous men in the news lately have done to women? Use their power and stature to intimidate them into having sex? Lure them in and try to force themselves onto them?

Yaniv introduced himself to Rachel under false pretenses – extremely photoshopped picture and the usual grandiose claims. He then arrived at her house with flowers – presuming this was to be a romantic encounter, which wasn’t implied nor stated. While watching a movie, Yaniv admits he unexpectedly (and uninvitedly) started to kiss her, and Rachel says she felt uncomfortable, intimidated, and small compared to him, and she felt she had to do it to be nice.

What would this be called in Hollywood? Or your workplace? Sexual harassment? Sexual assault? Leave your comments below.

Either way, it’s even more scary considering JY is known to carry illegal weapons, has had violent outbursts, and refuses to take no for an answer. Yaniv calls himself a feminist and trans-rights activist. Let’s call him what he is – a predator.

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