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Quick Miriam Yaniv Update: Strata Vote and Criminal Charges

Time is tight today but we wanted to share the news about Miriam Yaniv.

  • Miriam’s lawyer appeared in criminal court Feb 27, 2023 to request a 2-week delay in proceedings. Miriam and her pedokid Jessica Yaniv Simpson waited in the car in the parking lot while the lawyer appeared virtually. The court timer on MeowMix has been updated to reflect this.
  • Her strata held a vote last night, Feb 27, 2023. A resolution to raise funds to retain a lawyer and initiate proceedings – if needed – against Miriam Yaniv passed almost unanimously. Funding comes from each resident pitching in about $350-400. Miriam is exempt from contributing.
  • Unlike some rumours out there, this doesn’t mean there is an immediate application to a judge to punt Miriam out of the building. In short, BC strata law requires the strata corp file an application to a judge saying Miriam is being a nuisance in X, Y, and Z ways and the (the strata) have tried to make her comply with strata bylaws but she won’t listen. A judge can then issue an order for her to comply. If she does, c’est la vie and we all move on. If not, the strata corp and apply to force a sale.
  • Because she is not causing a disturbance or breaking bylaws RIGHT NOW (because she’s not in the building), the strata corp can’t seek such an order. YET.
  • Right now Miriam is just an owner who isn’t allowed in the building. Her sister Ilana, who is in the building, has not caused any problems. She’s been seen walking the dog and keeping her head down.
  • The reason this vote is important is because once Miriam is allowed back in the building – either after her criminal trial or after her restrictions are lifted – it’s widely expected that her shenanigans will return, and the strata corp will be prepared – and funded – to take action, which may include requesting a court order, seeking mediation, and ultimately, if she doesn’t comply, forcing her to sell the property.

Simpson Litigation’s Chief Failure Officer Jessica Simpson was busy watching pre-teen girls on Omegle and unable to comment on this matter.