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PHSA Amended Reply to Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s Sexual Assault Claim

In late 2022, Jessica Yaniv Simpson filed a deceitful and fraudulent lawsuit alleging that a paramedic had sexually assaulted them. BC’s Provincial Health Services Authority, operating as BC Emergency Health Services, replied to this lawsuit on January 10, 2023, with limited information, and they reserved the right to file an amended reply later once they had investigated the incident on their end. This has now been filed.

A quick catch up – Jon filed a lawsuit on Dec 19, 2022 alleging that in the late evening hours of Dec 18, 2022 a paramedic violently and sexually assaulted him while he (Jon) was trying to lovingly care for his mother. Suuure.

PHSA’s original response was that they were responding to a call that Miriam had some kind of overdose, and denied any assault occurred.

The amended reply says (summarized):

  • the ambulance responded to a 911 call for an overdose.
  • RCMP and BCEHS attended.
  • BCEHS assessed Miriam and determined she should go to the hospital., She walked herself to the ambulance.
  • As the ambulance was leaving, Jon approached it shouting at the driver. The RCMP said to keep driving. Jon chased the ambulance, eventually passed it, and parked in the ambulance parking bays at the Ridge Meadows Hospital.
  • The paramedics told Miriam Jon was there, and Miriam agreed to talk to Jon. The paramedic confirmed Jon wasn’t going to argue with her, and led them talk.
  • Jon immediately started shoving himself into the ambulance door and yelling and shouting at Miriam.
  • The paramedic, who is tasked with protecting the patient still in his care and control, felt that the patients safety was threatened and moved between Miriam and Jon. While doing so, he made slight physical contact with Jon.
  • PHSA says that any reasonable person would have agreed that the paramedics response was reasonable and proportional, and made in defense of the ambulance and patient (Miriam).
  • PHSA says no assault occurred and nobody would see the physical contact as harmful or offensive.
  • PHSA denies every injury claim Jon made and every claim Jon makes in his lawsuit.

In other words, Jon is fucked. PHSA has lawyered up with a major firm and filed a solid response. Jon and Miriam have a documented history of violence, and the paramedic had a duty to protect himself, his ambulance, and his patient from a threat – Jon Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Paramedics are respected witnesses, while Jon and Miriam are both known as deranged liars that prey on people for profit.

Read the full document here:

20230328 JY vs PHSA oa BCEHS Ambulance Service Amended Reply
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