miriam yaniv

Miriam Yaniv to Plead Guilty in Criminal Charges?

Miriam Yaniv is facing four criminal charges and was expected in court in mid-April to schedule a hearing date. This was recently update to “DSP” on April 6, indicating she has opted to enter a guilty plea, perhaps part of a plea deal.

Miriam’s charges are for mischief, 2 counts of false alarm of fire, and one count of uttering threats to burn, destroy, or damage.

Until the court date, we won’t know any additional details. We can only speculate based on CSO, which says DSP, and the BC Court website defines a DSP hearing as a disposition hearing – Where a person accused of an offence appears before a judge to enter a guilty plea and/or be sentenced.

There’s several reasons Miriam could be choosing to enter a guilty plea, but most likely it’s to get out of her release conditions and get back home. Her car is regularly parked in the visitor parking stalls at Jon Yaniv’s building. However, returning to her condo means she must face whatever consequences wait there for her.

The reality is having a criminal record and being on probation – or even in jail – is better than living another day with the pedophile Jessica Yaniv.