miriam yaniv

Miriam Yaniv Criminal Update: GUILTY!

Miriam Yaniv, a monstrous woman that raised the monstrously-sized Jessica Yaniv to what they are today, appeared in court today, April 25, 2023 for final disposition of her four criminal offenses – mischief, two counts of false alarm of fire, and threatening to burn down her building. She appeared in person, looking admittedly more presentable than normal, with her hair neat and a presentable outfit.

miriam yaniv

The matter was first stood down until after the afternoon break because Crown and the Judge agreed it would be a complicated matter. The Crown prosecutor said they would be seeking probation and release conditions the same as her bail conditions she’s on now, which they admitted she struggled with, but said this would be a test for her.

Miriam Yaniv was represented by a new lawyer, who’s name I didn’t hear. She was previously represented by Silvia Badea for these criminal matters. I wonder what happened.

When court resumed session, Jon Yaniv could be seen in a wheelchair, Rexy in tow, randomly flopping around the floor and pulling at his leash, although, in fairness, better behaved than we saw 7 or 8 months ago. Still, definitely not a service dog, and definitely not well trained. Jon was frequently playing with his phone, shuffling his wheelchair to and fro using his legs, and shockingly not wearing his size 7X dress.

I feel it’s important to point out how obese Jon is getting. Recalling his past attacks on women, calling them fat, or his claim that Gerry Funk was 400+ lbs, and his claim that he was only 200 lbs, I want to point out that Jon could be seen on camera in the courthouse, overflowing from his wheelchair. When he sat, his gut stuck out like he was wearing an inflatable pool ring. When he leaned over, he poured out sideways from the chair. When he looked down, his neck widened past his ears. He truly appears to be approaching 400 lbs.

Miriam Yaniv’s hearing resumed. Crown introduced the existing conditions applied to Miriam, essentially banning her from returning to her own condo, and went on to state that an agreement had been reached that would allow her to return home in exchange for guilty pleas to counts 1 and 4 – mischief and false alarm of fire.

Miriam’s conditions were replaced with modified conditions that allow her home, but only with limited building access – to her lobby, lobby bathroom, elevator, and a direct path to her own unit. She can’t even attend her storage locker. Her sister must go if something is needed from it. She is not to contact anyone else in the building. Note that Jon Yaniv still remains banned from visiting.

Charge 2 – false alarm of fire, and charge 3 – uttering threats to burn, destroy, or damage, remain unresolved on CSO, while charges 1 and 4 show G for guilty. Our best guess is charges 3 and 4 were stayed until her sentencing hearing, pending her good behaviour, but can be brought back at any time.

A pre-sentencing report and psych eval are to be scheduled, and Miriam will be sentenced on July 11, 2023 at 9:30 am.

Judge Hamilton presided over this case. Hamilton is a senior judge with in-depth knowledge and history of dealing with the Yaniv’s.

I give Miriam 50/50 odds of passing this test. On one hand, she has been known to shut the fuck up and mind her own business in the past. She sometimes retreats into her own world. Even her neighbours have commented that she can be pleasant at times. On the other hand, it’s Miriam Yaniv. She hates the world and thinks everyone owes her, and her son is a vengeful, low-IQ pervert that most believe abuses her when she doesn’t listen to him. He’ll encourage her to do things, and she’ll listen. They’re fuel for each other’s fires, which is perhaps the most apt description one could write for those two. Given their alleged incestuous behaviour, violence, hatefulness, and an insatiable lust for victory at all costs, and Miriam’s threats to burn down her own building and kill 150 people in it to prove a point, well-fueled flames may very well be her undoing.