miriam yaniv

Miriam Yaniv Criminal Court Update!

Miriam Yaniv – mother of Jessica Yaniv Simpson – appeared in court today for a disposition hearing related to her four criminal charges. She was originally scheduled for April 12, 2023, to set a date for a future hearing to enter a plea and eventually proceed to trial, but a disposition hearing was suddenly scheduled. This could indicate a plea deal was reached, or Miriam has elected to plead guilty and get it over with.

There are no indications at this time that Crown is dropping charges, and based on BC’s definition of a disposition hearing (Where a person accused of an offence appears before a judge to enter a guilty plea and/or be sentenced.), this is unlikely.

Miriam’s hearing is scheduled to begin sometime after 2 pm today, April 6, 2023. MeowMix will update as news comes in. As a reminder, Miriam is charged with two counts of false alarm of fire, mischief, and uttering threats to burn or destroy in relation to her actions at her strata.

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Court Update 1: they showed up in the morning block instead of afternoon to avoid people, and rescheduled the hearing. This is what cowardice looks like. I guess what do you expect from a pedophile senior citizen and her deformation of a child. Revisit this April 25, 2023.