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Miriam Yaniv Feb 2/23 Update: Service Dogs Denied! Miriam Still Banned!

In case you missed it, Miriam Yaniv appeared in court yesterday, January 31, 2023, and it was wild! Between “Jessica” Yaniv dressed like a lumberjack, a pen-throwing, arm-flailing geriatric, and a “service dog” that couldn’t stop rolling on the floor for belly rubs, it was a laugh-a-minute. Unless you were the Judge. He wanted nothing to do with it.

Not only did he scold Miriam for not paying attention and interrupting him repeatedly, he correctly identified that the situation caused by Jon Yaniv and his mom’s disability faking was a wreck and this hearing needed to be rebooked for today, with all parties attending in person.

Miriam is a little hard of hearing, she isn’t incapable of hearing, which we could see when she physically responded every time someone spoke, but she played it up like she was deaf. She does this to manipulate people and pretend like she doesn’t hear or understand things, hoping it will benefit her. Crown and the Judge saw through this.

The Yaniv’s arrived for their 2:00 PM court appearance about 45 minutes early. They drove Yaniv’s new Nissan Pathfinder SUV, which features a fake service dog decal on the rear window. By 1:30 local time, Miriam Yaniv, her sister Ilana, Jon Yaniv were all in the courthouse – along with Miriam’s fake service dog Walnut and Jon’s fake service dog Rexy. The three of them were overheard conversing amongst themselves – in Hebrew. Interestingly, our courthouse source says Miriam appeared to be communicating with such ease as to cast doubt upon her claims of being profoundly hard of hearing.

Jon must have found our description of him looking like a fat lumberjack yesterday objectionable because today he’s in a blue shirt with pink and purple flowers. Sadly, he didn’t wash his hair yet.

Just before court began, the Yaniv’s were advised that the Judge would not allow their dogs in the courtroom. Yaniv protested, claiming they were both service dogs, and they had the right to be there, but ultimately Yaniv was forced to take both dogs back to his car.

Meanwhile, Miriam’s new lawyer, Silvia Badea, appeared in court. After a brief discussion, Crown and Badea agreed to adjourn the hearing until next week, possibly because Miriam’s interpreter did not appear today. Badea did state they will be seeking a variation to the order prohibiting Miriam from attending her condo. In the meantime, Miriam is still prohibited from entering her condo. Is she living with Fat Jon the Con or a hotel? Hopefully a witness will come forward and update us.

Miriam was quite upset in the court room. She kept telling her lawyer and the Sheriff that one person from the strata council who was in attendance was not allowed to be present in the public court room. Even Miriam’s own lawyer told her she was wrong, and anyone could be present.

After leaving the courtroom, Jon Yaniv was outside talking to Miriam’s lawyer. His flowery blue shirt was pulled up around his waist and witnesses observed his gut hanging out, exposed to the court hall. One person described it as hairy.