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Miriam Yaniv Arrested! Second Time In a Week!

Miriam Yaniv, mother to Jessica Yaniv Simpson, was arrested for the 2nd time in barely 72 hours. MeowMix previously reported that Miriam was arrested on the evening of January 20, 2023 and multiple charges were possible. This seemed to aggravate the deranged elderly woman, as her behaviour escalated, culminating in an early-morning arrest today, January 23, 2023. This time she was taken into custody.


January 23, 2023

Miriam Yaniv has been charged with four offense:

  • Mischief
  • False alarm of fire – 2 counts on separate days.
  • Uttering threats to burn, destroy, or damage.

A court date is not posted yet.

Editor Note: MeowMix previously reported that Miriam was knocking on residents doors on the night of January 20, 2023 around 2:30 am. We’ve since learned that it was actually Langley RCMP banging on Miriam’s door, eventually breaking it down. The reason? Ilana Altmann, Miriam’s sister, had been threatening to kill herself and Miriam reported it. When police arrived, Miriam wouldn’t open the door. She’ll be on the hook for the repair.

Editor Note #2: Our tips email has been bugged for a few weeks. It’s been updated today and we’re working through recently submitted info. Please forgive us if we missed your tip.

Since Miriam’s arrest, she has dedicated her life to making the lives of everyone in the building even more miserable. On Saturday, Jan 21, 2023, one owner- Ted Cailis, someone that Jessica Yaniv accused of assaulting him – reported that the Langley RCMP contacted him to report that Miriam had phoned the police to report that he had tried to run her over in the parking lot. Nothing came of it, and there is video evidence to support Cailis innocence. Sounds like she’s got a target on his back though.

She spent the rest of Saturday harassing residents, smearing dog feces in the elevator, and tearing signs down. One source says she left a cloth with feces on it hanging from a door knob. The building was forced to lock the concierge washroom door to prevent Miriam from doing more damage.

Sunday wasn’t any better.

First thing in the morning, Miriam was standing on the roadway in front of the building wearing her house coat and slippers, her dog Walnut in tow, filming vehicles as they drove by and harassing them to slow down or even stop. When some stopped, she’d shout at them.

Later, Gerry Funk, a 70+ year old man with a walker that JY says assaulted him, was out for a stroll like he often does on a Sunday morning when Miriam approached him, started recording him, and blocked him from walking any further. Another resident happened to arrive at that moment and assisted Funk. Miriam responded by berating both of them, saying they were wanted by police. Funk called the police to attend the scene but I don’t have details on how that went.

Later that evening, residents discovered one of the buildings common rooms was trashed. The utensils were thrown around the floor, garbage dumped out, and the entire room trashed. Cushions had been removed from furniture and still can’t be found. One MeowMixer suggests Miriam could be saving them for hot summer nights, when Jon Yaniv likes to sleep on her deck. It’s not confirmed that Miriam did any of this damage, but who else would it have been? Police were contacted, and a report was filed.

Late Sunday night, around 11:45 PM, the fire alarm was pulled AGAIN. This time it was in the underground parkade. Fortunately for residents, the culprit – Miriam Yaniv – was caught on video AND observed by witnesses. The RCMP were contacted and shown the evidence. Miriam Yaniv was promptly arrested and taken into custody. As of the time of this writing, charges are not yet shown on CSO but that sometimes takes a few days.

It’s unclear if Jon Yaniv was present in his usual 10-meter hole at this time, but where one lurks, the other isn’t usually far away.

We will update as more info comes in. Our sources are all quiet this morning, which makes sense. Locking Miriam Yaniv up gave them a chance to catch up on some much needed rest!