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Miriam Yaniv Arrested, Released. Multiple Charges Pending

In what seems to be an escalation of Jessica Yaniv Simpson and their mother’s war against Miriam’s strata corporation and residents, Miriam Yaniv went on a full-day, lunacy-filled crusade, and it didn’t go well for her. While JY watched from a government-mandated 10 meter distance, Miriam Yaniv allegedly pulled multiple fire alarms, feigned two medical emergencies requiring TWO back-to-back ambulance rides in the same day, and assaulted another resident, resulting in her arrest.

According to multiple sources inside Miriam Yaniv’s building, the strata council had recently posted an updated list of rules for the building. While they don’t directly call Miriam out, you can tell the rules have been updated based on Miriam’s destructive and disturbing behaviour. See below.

Violations of these rules results in a $50 fine to residents. Apparently that set Miriam off because she went on a two-day rampage around the building, ripping down notices about this change. All in, Miriam’s deranged behaviour resulted in 15 fines – or $750. That didn’t sit well either, and Miriam called 911, claiming she was having a heart attack.

EMS came and carted her off to the hospital. A few hours later she returned home in normal health.

Later that afternoon, she phoned 911 again, claiming to be experiencing a medical emergency. EMS came, again, and took her to the emergency room, again. A few hours later she returned home, again.

The evening proceeded quietly after that. Several residents enjoyed a social gathering in one of the buildings common rooms until about 10 pm, when the fire alarm was suddenly activated. The entire building was evacuated into the cold, dark night.

Miriam came outside and started asking what happened, pretending not to be behind the alarm. Our sources say that one or more other residents engaged in a verbal argument with Miriam about the ongoing problems and it became quite heated. Miriam ended up kicking one of the residents (not hard enough to leave a mark) and police were called. When they arrived, Miriam Yaniv was arrested.

Meanwhile, Jessica Yaniv was standing across the parking lot, maintaining 10 meters distance from the property, pacing and shouting at residents.

Miriam was sat down by police in the lobby, under RCMP supervision, and demanded JY be allowed in. The RCMP refused. She was told to be quiet, and that she was lucky she wasn’t in handcuffs. Residents were reportedly quite happy to see RCMP take some action. Miriam has been warned to stay away from Gina.

Miriam was not jailed, but RCMP are reviewing the sum of events over the past weeks and charges are pending. According to sources that spoke with RCMP, these may include assault and charges for pulling the fire alarm and endangering the residents. It’s unclear which charges will actually stick, and as of this writing none have been formally filed yet, although it’s important to note this occurred on a Friday night. Also noteworthy is that Miriam Yaniv is on probation with conditions to be of good behaviour and keep peace.

The night ended and residents thought that progress had been made.

Until 2:30 am, when Miriam was crazily knocking on neighbours doors. They phoned RCMP and ignored her, but we don’t know yet what happened from that. That should have been the end of the night….

Until 5:00 am, January 21, 2023, when Miriam started pulling down more signs and using the building intercom system to call residents. When that wasn’t enough to attract attention, she opened an exterior door from a common room and set off the building alarm. This info has been added to the RCMP file.

Aside from the obvious, it’s concerning to residents that after so many false alarms in the last few weeks, the Langley FD only sent one fire truck to last nights alarm. It’s clear they know they’re responding to a false alarm, but what if it wasn’t? The building has dozens of mobility-limited elderly residents that would need help in a real emergency. These false alarms have to stop.

Thanks to our friends for sharing this info. The MeowMix team will update readers as more information becomes available.