jessica yaniv simpson

Jordan Speaks Up!

Grab your popcorn and get ready to laugh, cry, cringe, and shudder folks. We were contacted by 19 year old Jordan, after Jessica Yaniv Simpson went straight nuts with her.

I want to first state that there is not a lot of evidence to support Jordan’s statements, but she didn’t say anything to make me distrust her. She seemed authentic, genuine, and legitimately grossed out. She also provided me with her full name, Snapchat account username, Facebook account info, and Twitter username.

Jordan was first given our contact info by a friend that has texted Yaniv prank stuff after she was on the receiving end of his “pranks”. Yaniv tried to get some random people on Snapchat to attack our friend as revenge. When they texted our friend, they were given the truth. One quietly went on her way, and another – Jordan – spoke up. This is her story.

First, the messages Jordan sent to our friend.

Jordan first met Yaniv on LiveMe – of course. Yaniv immediately told her she was beautiful and asked if she had Snapchat. She told Yaniv she was 19, and he replied that he was 20 years old – not 33. Jordan was livestreaming and Yaniv was chatting, going on about his car crash and how much pain he was in because of it and his period.

When Jordan wanted to end the livestream to go to bed, Yaniv asked her to aim the camera at her bed so he could watch her sleep. She declined and ended the stream. I feel this needs to be restated – Yaniv had never met Jordan before, and on his first time watching her stream he tried to convince her to let him watch her sleep. He has done this with other young girls before. Yaniv calls them “sleepovers”. If that doesn’t sound like something your creepy pedophile uncle would say, I don’t know what does.

After Yaniv tried to use Jordan for revenge, and after we told her the truth, she cut ties with Yaniv, which of course he responded to very well.

Look how quickly Yaniv denies everything and counterattacks. This is how an angry, controlling, woman-hating man speaks. “You do understand…right?” and “if you’re going to believe that fake bullshit that has 0 proof to it then don’t talk to me”. Even gaslighting attempts, like “I’m shocked actually that you believe this utter crap”.

Jonathan, you’re a piece of shit. Just saying. You’re an angry guy in a dress that gaslights and catfishes women. You know damn well who and what you are. Nice try though. As long as you live and breathe, this (LOL) “Terror Group” will keep it as their “full time job” to expose you. At least we have full time jobs…PS…you sure are obsessed with calling people autistic retards. Be careful that doesn’t catch up with you at the wrong time.

With that, Jordan cut Yaniv off and she was given our number by our friend. She agreed to let me ask her lots of questions and our chat is below. Make sure you scroll left/right to see it all.

The pics he sent her are below.

So, as I stated in my intro, I can’t prove he said any of these things to Jordan – I only have what she told me, but it appears plausible. He’s mentioned leaking at night for years now, and all kinds of discharge problems. He hinted at a pee-play kink with Sara, and there’s always the infamous shelter story.

On the other hand, his mom has a small puppy, which by the sounds of it only gets walked once daily. It’s probable that they let the dog use puppy pads on their floor instead of walking it more often like responsible pet owners.

I’ve heard other anecdotes of him wanting to watch girls fall asleep on cam before, so I 100% believe that one. The only new part is the whips/chains play, although it makes sense in some ways. Yaniv clearly gets off on being humiliated.

What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments below. Until next time, this ‘terror group’ will keep digging. You never know who will speak up next Yaniv.

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