jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson: Looking for Love in All The Wart Places

Turns out you can catch it from a toilet seat…

Jessica Yaniv Simpson, a predator that lurked on Tinder and the trans-scam HER Social dating apps has been spotted on Facebook dating, and it’s as good as you expect! But for everything JY left in their profile to attract a new mate, they left out one whopper of a surprise! Make sure you stick around to the end of this to see.

Check out the profile for yourself. Of course, Jon posted his AI-generated pictures as his profile pictures.

Note he claims he doesn’t drink, but we know he abuses alcohol on a regular basis. I wonder if he denies drinking because he has a subconscious problem with it. Maybe Miriam is a drunk?

And what’s this about “elevated talks”? Is he planning to drug them like he’s been accused of trying with others?

Now, if dating Jon Yaniv is up your alley, you’re in luck, because he comes with extra surprises! Genital warts!

No, seriously. Jon actually has an STI. Somehow…

Thanks to the BC Court public records, and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority legal team, new medical records have been made available revealing that Jon’s medical treatment included care for multiple genital warts. Again, we need to emphasize THESE ARE PUBLIC RECORDS AVAILABLE TO ANYONE.

The above, and 40+ more pages of medical and legal records – all of which are public records – will be posted to MM in a few days. Spoiler alert: Jon’s lawsuit against VCHA – the one in which he alleges they improperly used silver nitrate to intentionally abuse him – is doomed!

For the morbid types, you have to wonder how Jon caught the genital warts. We know he’s not sexually active, unless it was genuinely with Miriam. One theory I have is he caught it from playing with used women’s menstrual products. He’s posted pictures in the ladies bathroom stall before, showing the bins for disposal of these products, and fetishists like him get off on used period products. Did Jon get a little too cozy with something from a bin?

Sleep tight, potential Yaniv-daters. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

And for the love of God don’t get unhinged in the comments. We all need to keep our dinner down.