Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs VCHA: Trial Coming? (and a quick DFS update)

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s lawsuit against the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority in which he alleges they intentionally abused him with “liquid nitrate” (he meant to say silver nitrate but he’s dumb) will likely go to trial sometime in 2023. Yaniv had previously hoped they would settle, which VCHA has refused to do.

Yaniv attempted to prove his injuries by posting medical records, which we posted here. They do nothing to support his case in any way. Our legal expert has already thoroughly debunked JY’s case, but still, the fat man pursues it.

Details below. I look forward to seeing the note Miriam writes as Jon Yaniv’s sole witness.

20230118 JY vs VCHA Order to Set Trial Date
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Unrelated to the above, and not important enough for it’s own post…

Yaniv has paid DFS the $350 owed to him, as ordered by a BC Court judge in 2021. It is unknown if DFS has received it yet as it was paid to the BC Court.

Docs below. You’ll note I redacted his bank account info. I figure that may cause me some grief if I posted it, but it’s worth pointing out that Yaniv has now shared with the world his passport application, two credit card numbers, hundreds of pages of (should be) private medical records, and now everything one might need to directly debit – or deposit to – his account. This is someone who routinely scolds people and businesses for data security but probably mouths their own bank PIN when they pay for cheeseburgers.

Sorry Trevor Dunen, I’m not posting it, so get that sly look out of your eye lol.

20221201 JY vs DFS Application to Acknowledge Payment
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20221223 JY vs DFS Order for DFS to Acknowledge Payment
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