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Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Funk, Where is Miriam, and the Latest Certificate of Readiness!

Jessica Yaniv Simpson appeared in court today with an application to have Gerry Funk’s counterclaim against them dismissed. For the back story on this file, check this link.

Gerald Funk is an owner in the building JY’s mother resides in – but is currently legally prohibited from accessing.  JY has accused Funk of assaulting his dog, among other things. The reality is JY has been charged with assaulting Funk in 2022, and JY’s attempt to privately prosecute Funk for assault were tossed out by the court.

Mr. Funk only became aware of this hearing just two days ago.  This application was to have his counter-claim thrown out.  Jessica was claiming “The counterclaim was filed maliciously with no reasonable prospect of success”.  Mr. Funk attended the hearing along with another resident, Gina.  When the matter was called, Mr. Funk asked the Judge if Gina could speak on his behalf as he was unsure what this whole matter was about.  The Judge allowed this, and Gina advised the Judge that they were only there due to luck as Mr. Funk had never been served with the application. 

Jessica claimed that the registry told her they would serve Mr. Funk. I don’t entirely doubt this. In my experience with the BC Court, Certificates of Service are filed for initiating documents but not for every other application afterwards. There is often correspondence between the court registry and one or more parties. JY did, indeed, file it at the courthouse some time ago.

After some back and forth, with Jessica showing the Judge an email with the hearing date as her evidence that she believed Mr. Funk had been served, the Judge decided that Mr. Funk had not been served and asked if they were prepared to go ahead with the hearing.  Jessica advised she was and would need 20 minutes to argue her case as to why the counterclaim should be tossed. 

Gina advised they were not ready and would need time to prepare, but figured they would need 30 minutes at the next hearing.  The Judge advised a new hearing would be scheduled and allotted for one hour of time.  Jessica then asked the Judge to not allow Gina to speak on behalf of Mr. Funk as she wasn’t named in the suit nor was she a lawyer.  The Judge told Jessica that would be up to the next Judge to decide. 

Jessica also advised the Judge she was hard of hearing and asked that a CART interpreter be scheduled for the hearing.  (Communication Access Realtime Translation)  The CART interpreter at this hearing appeared to be there so Miriam could read what was being said.  She was sitting beside her and reading the proceedings on an iPad.  Jessica did not appear to be reading the proceedings from a digital platform.

Miriam and Rexy were also present.  Rexy did his usual jumping all over Jessica while she was up front talking to the Judge.  Miriam also did her usual outbursts demanding Jessica make the Judge hear the case now.  Jessica tried to get her to quiet down and the Judge had to ask a few times for Miriam to be quiet and seated.  In other words, just another normal day in the lives of Jessica and Miriam!

Where is Miriam?

One would think that Jon Yaniv, who lives across the street from his aunt and mother, and has a long history of sharing a bed with his mother (at least for sleep., if not more) would be eager to help his batshit mother while she’s been justifiably punted out of her own condo. After all, Miriam has gone to great lengths to enable her pedophile child. In fact, JY even has a day bed in his living room!

But no. She’s at the Holiday Inn Express nearby.

Nice, Jon. You’re a real POS child. Then again, if I was your mother I would want to be far away too.

JY vs PHSA: Certificate of Readiness

Remember the past Certificates of Readiness Jon filed? This one, that one, and the other one? This document is supposed to lay out all of Yaniv’s medical reports and proof or losses or expenses that he says were caused by PHSA. Remember this is the lawsuit in which Yaniv alleges a BC paramedic groped him and caused PTSD, diminished self-worth, depression, anxiety, shock, nightmares, etc.

Well, here’s the evidence Yaniv filed at the courthouse. I’ll let it speak for itself.

jessica yaniv simpson

This document brought to you by Simpson Litigation.

No Rest For the Hungry

We recently received a tip from some friends of MeowMix that stumbled upon the lovely Yaniv clan in the Down 2 Earth Plant Parlour restaurant, which is very close to their condos. Miriam has been seen going in and literally stealing menus and walking out while the staff try to stop her. She was observed pretending to be deaf but then whispering outside with JY. The dog has been there too. The staff were observed saying the dog wasn’t allowed and the Yaniv’s played their usual service dog card. Our source says they watched the Yaniv’s being told to pay their bill and leave once.