Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Expedia Canada

Honestly folks, I can only describe this as a colossal and monumental failure on the part of Expedia’s lawyer. According to everything we can compile from legal documents, social media sources, and our sources, it seems that Jessica Yaniv Simpson is likely to collect the $5,000 from his ludicrous claim against Expedia in the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal.

The legal documents below show that Yaniv’s case has been finalized in the CRT and he has applied for an enforcement order from the BC Provincial Court, something the CRT says must be done to make their order enforceable.

We previously predicted that there was zero chance Yaniv could collect this. Our reasoning was that he filed for a default judgment, which Expedia could have overturned. And they almost did.

According to sources, and apparently confirmed by JY’s social media activity, Expedia’s lawyer CHOSE to delay their response to JY’s default judgment and instead went on vacation.

Yes. They went on vacation.

The CRT was having no part of this and they denied Expedia claim to have it overturned, saying they should have followed the rules and acted in their allowed time. The CRT even stated that Expedia’s counter argument, which we don’t have, had merit, but it wasn’t filed in time, so tough beans. If I was JY, I would be laughing all the way to the bank.

Like we said earlier…colossal fucking failure on the part of Expedia.

Quick note…we don’t have the doc, but our source says that Expedia’s argument was that JY was not an employee but rather a subcontractor, or an employee of a subcontractor. The CRT said that had Expedia filed this response on time, it likely would have had merit and affected the case, but rules are rules.

Having said all of that, I have to be fair and give the point to JY. He played the system and he won. Is it a fair and honest win? No, but it’s within the rules set by the system and he played them and he’ll very likely add $5,000 to his bank account (plus interest, etc.).

Now that I’ve given JY that little bit, I have to add that $5K is beans compared to the debt he’s racked up, and it won’t do much to compensate for the fact that he’s unskilled, unemployable, and poisonous to the community. So let him have his $5K. He’ll burn through it paying for a gadget or two, or countless Skip the Dishes meals, or maybe a few grand towards a credit card.

Last note….I found it interesting that Jessica Yaniv Simpson, a renowned failure at every other thing he’s every tried, used the domain name “SimpsonLitigationDOTcom” for his service email address. That should tell you what he has planned in the future – more vexatious litigation.

I hope the Expedia story can be shared with every future employer. This is what JY will try to do to you.

Note: a few things have been redacted from this PDF. I’m not posting the court access ID #’s for everyone.

20211004 Jessica Simpson vs Expedia BC Prov Court Summons to a Payment Hearing.pdf
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