Jessica Yaniv Simpson Running for Student Government Again

I’m not sure if this is some sort of humiliation kink or if we should admire the tenacity, but JYS has yet again thrown their hat into the ring and is this time running for three different positions at SFU. This is just breaking and we have several questions unanswered, like why is Yaniv even allowed to participate for starters. If you recall Yaniv was banned from the Burnaby campus this semester because of the vile racist attacks on a fellow student. Anyway this is what we know as of right now.

Yaniv is actually running for three different positions, Student Senate, committee member for the SFU Community Trust, and a position on the Board of Govenors. All positions will be decided by student voting on April 4 to 6. Yaniv again would have needed 10 signatures in order to be eligible to run for these positions and we are assuming that these 10 students are either completely unaware of who Yaniv really is or hopefully students that know and are looking for cheap and easy entertainment. Either way we can be certain that Yaniv will be grossly outvoted again and will probably cry transphobia.

Yaniv had to write a one page statement of interest for each position and as expected each is nothing but hyperbole and bull shit. I can find no evidence that Yaniv has actually done any of the wonderful claims made in these statements and have to wonder if the election commission at SFU qualifies the applicants at all or even cares. I find it interesting that the student run newspaper, The Peak has access to each candidate’s contact info and it is implied that they will be covering this election. I have to wonder if they have any knowledge of a student that was recently banned for racism and with all of Yaniv’s other behaviours is being allowed to run as a candidate for 3 different positions or if they just read the statement of interests and accept them as fact.

We may update this if we find out more information so be sure to check back and please sound off in the comments with your bets on how few votes Yaniv will receive this time.