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Jessica Yaniv Simpson January 2023 Wrap-Up

January, the traditional beginning of the Julian year and the start of new chapters in peoples’ lives, including the Yaniv’s. Miriam Yaniv moved from being a bit supporting player to taking center stage by the end of the month. It was an amazing performance, worthy of four criminal charges and beating out Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s rap video, gun trolling and cockroach transphobia.

January started with Jessica Simpson “Student-At-Law” drafting a cease and desist letter on behalf of Miriam to one of the other residents in Miriam’s strata. The letter threatens to have the resident criminally charged if she doesn’t comply and demands she sign a compliance agreement. This is interesting for two reasons. First, in the past, when Jonny did this (which often included a demand for compensation), the victim, usually a WOC, would fold, and secondly, the main demand to stop taking pictures or videos of Miriam in public areas of the Strata were documenting Jonny breaching the criminal release condition to not be within 10 meters of the strata building. The response from the “criminal” was exactly what you would expect.

The RCMP and the BC Prosecution Service ignored the Yaniv’s various complaints and did not lay any charges. Jonny then did what he usually does when the criminal system tells him to FO: he filed private charges which were apparently thrown in the reviewing judge’s garbage can almost immediately.

The next day, Jonny went on a little drive to a nearby penitentiary probably after filing his private, vexatious persecutions and posted a video suggesting that it would be soon be the new home for all the various residents of Miriam’s strata that he was suing or trying to lay private charges against. He was so smug and confident that this time the private charges would be enforced that Miriam spent the rest of January harassing residents telling them that the RCMP were looking for them to arrest and jail them. Miriam was quite smug and insistent about it as only someone who is deluded could be. Jonny obviously did not explain or Miriam was too stupid to understand the difference between private, vexatious charges and BC Prosecution Service-laid criminal charges.

January 1-9 JY-Related Images

We also learned this month that back in April 2022, Jonny got a lawyer to send a warning letter to Ted Cailis. Nothing happened. The lawyer is long gone and Jonny had to file a lawsuit against Cailis himself in December.

The following day, another road trip! This time to another penitentiary, the Colony Farm in Coquitlam suggesting that it would soon be the future home of Donald F Smith. Yawn. As many have asked why doesn’t Jonny just get a room already. Maybe for Valentine’s Day?

January 4 saw Jonny suggesting that he should apply for the Simon Fraser Student Society’s First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Student Coordinator position. It is a full time job paying $1,141.35 a week which would certainly help him with his money problems but for which he is not even remotely qualified for even as a “First Nations Transwoman”. It was treated as just Jonny trolling again for attention and ignored so he turned his attention to TransLink and continued to be ignored.

He got a little traction on January 9 when he complained to Simon Fraser about what he said was transphobic signage on campus using language which sounded suspiciously like what could be the start of his campaign for SSFS president. Simon Fraser, of course, responded by saying that the outdated signs would be removed. Many on social media wondered about the safety of other students with him wandering the campus at night, waiting outside of women’s rest and change rooms’ entrances, taking pictures. Behaviour that, in the past, triggered a local community group to distribute a warning poster in Langley after he was discovered hanging around a local playground.

MeowMix has learnt that as follow up to posing as a Simon Fraser University professor last September on the website RateMyProfessor, Jonny has also been posing as an official representative of the University. If you want, you too can book a meeting with him by clicking on the link right above the official Simon Fraser email logo, he has cut and pasted to the closing salutation.  

On January 9, BC Emergency Health Services filed their reply to Jonny’s vexatious lawsuit. This is not going to end well for Jonny. He will probably follow his usual MO and withdraw so as not to be assessed with costs as soon as it becomes apparent he is going to lose. Hopefully, this time it will be the start of declaring him a vexatious litigant.

January 10 was the start of Jonny’s poetic phase with an election campaign haiku. Based on a December 20 twitter spamming storm, where Jonny announced that he would be “seeking the nomination of the position of President at @SFSS1” many expected he would run. But the January 29 deadline came and went and when SFSS published the list of candidates on February 1, Jonny’s name did not appear anywhere.  

For those suggesting that it was because he was expelled or flunked out, it has been confirmed that he is taking a business course in person and may be taking two other courses online – Plcy 200 and Crim 355.  

Theories include that he could not get 10 signatures for the nomination form, he did get the signatures but based on his history and rumoured disciplinary action by the university was not allowed to run, or he was part of the Yaniv clan’s January mental meltdown.  

That meltdown exploded into full public view on January 10 when Jonny tweeted a poem about a strata meeting based on Miriam’s report and listening in on her phone. See the gallery below for details.

January 10-12 JY-Related Images

After the bruising response he got for the “poetry”, Jonny then made a false claim about the same strata member requiring COVID testing the next day and tagged in the local media and the BC’s Information and Privacy Commissioner. It was another example of just how stupid Jonny is in his quest for revenge.  Did he really think that  all the media would take his word for it without doing any background research before following it up as a potential story. Guess what even a cursory search of his name revealed? Did he really think that the Privacy Commissioner’s office would launch an investigation based on his tweet without any proof especially since the RCMP told him that none of his claims were true after speaking to witnesses. He used to get some traction by posting lies in the past or making false complaints to various government departments and agencies but those days are over.

He is now known throughout government as a liar. Or to quote one of the attending RCMP constables from 2019, “He lies all the time.”

Getting no response, Jonny turned to virtue tweeting later that day followed by a couple of insulting tweets aimed at the local RCMP. Someone was pissed that they didn’t arrest any of the Strata residents. Of course, the brave trans warrior princess turned off the replies but that didn’t’ stop social media from mocking him.  When he couldn’t get any sympathy or support anywhere he made and posted a really, really bad rap video trying to look like a tough gangster threatening a building of seniors. The response was what you would expect based on his choice of music (apparently he doesn’t understand the lyrics – surprise, surprise) and his history of using racial epithets.

Jonny took the day off to absorb the online criticism. He obviously did not get the message. On the 16th, he posted a couple of gun tweets which of course, got him the attention he craved. Unfortunately, it was not good attention but the troll in him is strong and the tweets are still up.

I really do not know what to say about the events of January 18 except that we bow to the master known on Twitter as @vanericadams. He spotted an unusual fund raiser for the Toronto Zoo and acted. He had contributed to a good cause, had fun, and so triggered Jonny that that he tagged nearly every CBC Twitter account in the country hysterically claiming transphobia. I don’t know for sure if vanericadams was responsible for the zoo reaching it’s fund raising goals early but you do have to wonder about cause and effect. I tried to buy a roach to name after Miriam but it was already gone as were the many variations.

January 18 continued to be a rough day for Jonny. The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority refused to settle with him and asked that the case proceed to trial. We are all looking forward to seeing Jonny’s relevant documents and witness (including expert) list. Once these documents are filed and presented, they will be public.  

January 13-18 JY-Related Images

The following day, Jonny desperate to be seen as a legitimate and relevant trans activist and to hide from his many cockroach fans, injected himself into the Brigid Kline-Simpson media storm offering legal advice to the transwoman, suggesting that they file a BCHRT complaint, declaring it a winner with at least a $25,000 settlement. No further comment is needed as we all know Jonny’s stellar record with the BCHRT and various other BC legal venues. The media he was posturing for ignored him.

On January 20, after days of erratic and threatening behaviour, Miriam took center stage with her day long stunning performance, arrest and three criminal charges (one more was added on January 22).

Barely 72 hours later on January 23, Miriam was arrested again but this time she was taken into custody after another day of bizarre behaviour and a night of threats culminating in Miriam pulling a fire alarm AGAIN. But this time it was caught on video.

With the video evidence turned over to the RCMP and the Crown prosecutors, the strata looked forward to a full uninterrupted night’s sleep No fire alarms, no door pounding, NO MIRIAM.

Miriam was released the following day but with very strict conditions. She has been, in essence, banned from her own condo (200 meters), allowed back once to get her belongings and in the presence of a peace officer. The Yaniv’s, of course broke the conditions within hours. She was spotted in Jonny’s (who is also banned) vehicle in the parking lot getting some personal effects delivered by her sister, Ilana. No peace officer in sight and you guessed it another confrontation occurred with the RCMP being called.

January 19-30 JY-Related Images

On January 26, Miriam’s conditions were relaxed but not by much. There was speculation that she would stay with her son despite his condo being within 200 meter exclusion zone, which was relaxed. But according to an outburst by Miriam in her first court appearance on January 31, it is costing her  $1,500 a week to be out of her condo which made many wondering if she was staying at nearby hotel/motel rather than with her son or if she was staying with Jonny but made the piteous claim about her disability pension to get the court’s sympathy. An observer pointed out that she is too old for a disability pension being over 65. She probably gets the Canada Pension, Older Age Security, and whatever work pension she was eligible for.

Still angry at Miriam’s charges, her strata, the Miriam gravy train starting to dry up, MeowMix, etc., Jonny posted a tweet in his ongoing hate-filled campaign critiquing a BC ambulance driver and supervisor (he claims but did not provide any proof) for using their emergency lights while going through a Wendy’s drive thru. No replies allowed but plenty of push back with questions about him stalking EMT’s, etc.

 On January 29, Jonny posted a tweet asking BC Ferries about their accessibility plan for the deaf community. This puzzled people as the Yaniv’s have taken numerous ferries to the Island for years (Jonny has even complained about their single sex restrooms – the same ones where he wants to meet up with a 10 year-old girl and help her use her first tampon) and the information is available on BC Ferries website. This has never been an issue until now when we realized he was trying to set up a history of deaf disability for both his and Miriam’s upcoming criminal trials. Jonny, lazy personal tweets are not evidence that will be accepted in any BC court. We thought you had learned that by now from your various legal losses.  

Just as a side note, we have been contacted by members of BC’s deaf community about the Yaniv’s. They are concerned about the false claims that Jonny has been making and how it will undermine the rest of the community who legitimately face and deal with audio issues. They are having the same response to the Yaniv’s as BC’s LBGTQ2+ community has to Jonny. Yet another community alienated and angry at the damage that the Yaniv’s are doing to them while trying to exploit them.  

January ended with Miriam going to court on January 31. Not unexpectedly, it was a shit show – from Miriam agitatedly pacing and having a temper tantrum, to Rexy’s boredom, to Jonny trying to get a cut and paste charter challenge into the record.

Buckle up everyone February looks to be even wilder.