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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Impersonating Donald Smith Online; TikTok Stalking Teens

Accused pedophile Jessica Yaniv Simpson is taking his love/hate/obsession with Donald Smith to a new level by impersonating Smith on TikTok, according to credible sources.

Over the last several months, MeowMix has posted over 60 images showing Jessica Yaniv Simpson stalking underage girls on TikTok, often liking their videos, following them, and leaving crude comments. That has slowed down in recent months, leaving us wondering where he is hiding. If you know JY, you know he hasn’t quit his creepy behaviour. He’s simply hiding it a new way.

Turns out he’s hiding it under the account name “donaldfrancissmith”. Here’s what we know:

  • Yaniv has been using this account to go live with other TikTok users, at least one of which is under 18. We are not disclosing any other users identity.
  • In these live videos Yaniv has asked girls to follow him on Instagram and Snapchat, giving these girls his main usernames. One source stated that Yaniv tried to steer the conversations towards the girls periods and tampons, and would make crude jokes about menstruation.
  • Yaniv, using the DFS account, has commented on girls’ videos and pictures with things like “Cutie”, “Babe you look amazing”, and “Queen”. Yaniv has a history of using these terms. No, they aren’t uncommon, but MeowMix has seen chat logs between DFS and other women and DFS has a very different writing style.
  • Yaniv’s fake DFS account bio says it’s a parody account and includes the word “pedophiler” a key word often used by DFS to describe Yaniv, except the real DFS spells it “pedofiler”.
  • Yaniv’s fake DFS account was following 13 other accounts (down to 11 now), almost all of which were girls that look 15-20 years old by my best guess, and they’re all white, thin, and generally pretty – Yaniv’s preferred type.

It’s like a weird crossover where Yaniv’s obsession with DFS and Yaniv’s pedophilia are crossing over into each other. Surely Yaniv thought this would hurt DFS and help himself but it doesn’t. It just highlights his obsessions and perversions. Another fail for Fake Trans Jon.

It shows you the level of obsession Yaniv has with DFS. He was convinced he would beat DFS and he couldn’t. DFS, with all his own issues and his own haters and drama, beat JY in court AND beat JY’s false criminal accusations against him. I guess this is Jon’s revenge: impersonate DFS.

And of all the things JY could do using DFS’s name, he goes to his default – being a pedophile and stalking young girls on social media. Fucking creep.

These two clowns need one of two things to happen: be put in a cage match and fight it out, or avoid each other at all costs. The obsession is strong and it’s pathetic to watch.

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