Jessica Yaniv Simpson GRS Update

Jonny 5’s barely alive. Who knew that GRS wouldn’t go so well for Jessica Yaniv Simpson?

MeowMix first exposed that Yaniv underwent GRS surgery in Montreal on January 11, 2021. He returned home quietly a little over a week later and is believed to have been spending a great deal of time at Miriam Yaniv’s condo. I’m sure she’s thrilled.

Yaniv has been surprisingly quiet since the surgery occurred, which has caused many to doubt it ever happened and many to wonder why he’s been so quiet about it. His social media activity has been limited to mostly dull retweets, following young girls on TikTok, and probably Snapchat, although even our sources say he’s been dead silent there too.

That is, until recently, when Yaniv went on a (likely) painkiller-induced, attention-seeking tweetfest.

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Obviously Yaniv is being Yaniv – trolling people, tagging authorities for attention, and being a general idiot. This is his way of seeking attention, but it also tells us a few things.

Let’s back up. Not long ago, Yaniv posted a video of himself in a bath (which didn’t look like his normal tub, so I’m guessing he is at Miriam’s). Social media lit up that this is proof that Yaniv didn’t have GRS, which for any other person would be true. But this is Yaniv, and his mother is Miriam Yaniv. That’s an important detail. She may not have supported his GRS, but she’s a Jewish mother – I don’t think she would abandon his side.

Miriam worked for Fraser Health for a very long time. She was an admin clerk, but she’s also a know-it-all, at least in her mind. Think back to when Yaniv was being catfished by Sara. Sara had a young daughter that was experiencing medical issues and Miriam was right in there telling Sara how the doctors were wrong, or the doctors should do this or try that. Miriam wanted to be the medical expert.

Fast forward to Yaniv’s GRS surgery. He’s supposed to shower a certain way or take sitz baths to clean the surgical site, but Yaniv is an extremely obese, grossly out-of-shape and inflexible person. These would be challenging for him, and we know how much he loves his bath time. Just look at MeowTube – there are several videos of him in a bath.

So, Yaniv’s bathtime fetish, plus the ability for him to sit and be lazy and play on his phone is part one. Nobody tells Yaniv what to do. Add in Miriam and her “medical expertise” and it isn’t a stretch in any way to believe that she would coach Yaniv her way, regardless of medical advice. And thus, into the tub he goes.

Days later, infection, pain, and back in the hospital.

There are other things we can speculate about…

Yaniv is a sex toy fiend. He frequently shows up large dildos and vibrators. He’s supposed to dilate his “vagina” four times daily. What are the chances he set aside the medical-grade dilators and tagged in his favourite silicone penis? Did he overdo it and split himself open like a pig?

What about tampons? How desperate do you think this cretin was to get a pad in? And I can almost hear his moronic mother in the background coaching him on, telling him they’re designed to absorb fluids, and it will help his wound heal.

Now back to those pictures. Gynecologist, ambulance, doctors, and the fire department. First off, these are professionals. Regardless of who they’re treating they are going to provide top level care. The fact that Yaniv is scum doesn’t mean that they are, so I’m going to assume that whatever happened was done professionally and with courtesy.

But the bigger question is, why is the fire department coming so much? Are they really lifting him out of the tub? I can’t imagine how embarrassing that would be to a normal person, but not to Yaniv. He probably relished the idea of big, studly firefighters seeing him nude.

LangleyResident posted that emergency services were overheard talking about an infected GRS surgical site. LR has been known for being reliable and accurate with info, so I think it’s safe to trust that. So how badly infected is it?

Was it infected enough for the ambulance service to pick him up and take him to the hospital? If so, there is likely tearing, bleeding, oozing pus, and swollen. In that case, he will (or may have been?) likely be admitted to the hospital.

What will they do? Can his “vagina” be saved? Are they letting him dilate four times a day in the hospital? Or is he back at home, crawling into more baths because momma knows best?

It’s striking how messed up the Yaniv’s are compared to anyone else. Other GRS patients have recovery support help and plans in place. They know what to do. The Yaniv’s? They know best.

Other people would realize that tying up precious emergency services to get lifted out of the tub is incredibly selfish, not to mention humiliating. The Yanivs? You can almost hear them shrieking “My tax dollars pay your salary!” A tampon being used as a surgical dressing instead of a bandage? Would you put it past them?

Remember, Yaniv’ hasn’t publicly told anyone his GRS surgery happened. It’s apparently been discussed on social media and there’s a lot of speculation, but MeowMix stands by our initial confirmation: Yaniv has had the surgery.

Also remember that the tweets above aren’t intended to actually thank the various doctors or emergency services personnel. Those tweets are to troll the world. In fact, his tweet to Fraser Health even includes a thiny veiled power play statement about his lawsuit. It’s all classic Yaniv. He’s setting himself up for more lawsuits.

MeowMix will keep you guys posted as info comes in. All we can say for now is that his desired coin slot is likely looking more like a trailer park gutter. Karma…