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Did JYS Really Undergo GRS?

Viva la Montreal! The city that de-penised Canada’s biggest dickhead. But is it true? Did Jessica Yaniv Simpson really undergo GRS?

Here’s what MeowMix can confirm:

  • Yaniv was spotted in Montreal on January 10, 2020.
  • He was staying at the Laval Holiday Inn, a hotel just a few minutes away from the GRS clinic.
  • The GRS clinic uses this hotel regularly to host patients prior to procedures.
  • Sources say he was there for bottom surgery and it was done January 11, 2020.
  • Yaniv is broke as can be, but some research shows there are charities – so called angel-donors – that will fund expenses for people traveling to the GRS facility. We know Yaniv loves a handout.
  • We also know Yaniv wants us to think something happened. See this tweet:
jessica yaniv simpson

The list of things we don’t know is just as long:

  • Did he REALLY undergo GRS or was this something else at the facility? Voice change? A consult?
  • Is he there alone?
  • Where is Miriam and how does Jonny feel knowing Miriam doesn’t support his gender identity?
  • Did Yaniv pay his own way or did he con an angel donor into supporting this?

My personal feeling, which could very well be wishful thinking, is that this was a genuine surgery and it’s happened. I know it’s a long shot but hear me out.

Yaniv is the kind of guy that will go to wild extremes to win, and he’s also the kind of guy with no moral inhibitions. He had an unused dick in his pocket and a desire to sit at home and scam people. Most of all, he wants everything free and doesn’t want to work. Yaniv saw this as a trade off – trade the useless penis for attention, disability money from the government, and future ammunition to scam aestheticians with. I guarantee you he will try to get his new gear waxed and he’ll be looking for people to say no.

To anyone normal this would be an outlandish scenario, but not for Yaniv. Yaniv will go to any length, regardless of how stupid he looks, to win.

I know the second argument against this is is health – what surgeon in his right mind would take him on? Well, I have a theory there…and it’s pretty easy: Yaniv isn’t as unhealthy as he wants everyone to think.

Yes, he’s obese, and diabetic, and there are clearly some hamsters gone off the wheels upstairs, but 90% of the other shit is made up.

And, those risks are likely being managed. I guarantee you Yaniv played up the suicide card to the doctors and psych professionals. He told them if he didn’t get this he would kill himself, and, with all due respect to the trans community, suicide is a massive issue for people struggling with gender identity.

I’m not saying Yaniv is struggling with it. I’m saying Yaniv manipulated that and said he was struggling with it. Medical professionals are trained to take all threats seriously, and Yaniv knows this.

Weight? Yes, he exceeded the website BMI range, but the website does say preferable. Not required. Truthfully, obese people undergo surgical procedures daily without problems.

Legal repercussions? Nothing that a well worded waiver couldn’t handle, especially if it was tailored to include the risks specific to Yaniv, such as obesity and diabetes.

Finally, what doctor would be motivated to do this? Doctors at a for-profit facility. That’s who. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this. Canadians often look at private hospitals the same way they look at Auschwitz but I disagree. There’s room for both systems in Canada. That’s a different blog though…

So, what do you get when you add up profit driven doctors, expensive lawyers, some risk management, and a cunning pedophile knowing the right things to say? GRS. That’s what. And Yaniv knows this.

Think I’m out to lunch? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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