jessica yaniv simpson grs confirmed

CONFIRMED! Jessica Yaniv Simpson Vaginoplasty

MeowMix has confirmed with 100% certainty that Jessica Yaniv Simpson, aka Jonathan Yaniv, Jessica Yaniv, and Jessica Yaniv the Pedophile, has undergone GRS bottom surgery.

Without exposing our source, a person inside the Montreal GRS facility sometime in the last week confirmed they were in the building while Yaniv was. To prove they were in the building they provided these photos below – scenes Yaniv will surely recognize but be unable to trace back to any one person. MeowMix will not confirm whether this person is staff or a patient – simply that Yaniv is there and the surgery was real.

Yaniv is confirmed to have been bandaged up and receiving the appropriate recovery treatment as one would expect after receiving this procedure.

This follows our earlier confirmation this week that Yaniv was at the Laval Holiday Inn, a hotel primarily dedicated to supporting the GRS facility and almost exclusively used by GRS patients these days.

We don’t know what Yaniv did to get accepted, nor do we know if Yaniv got a zero-depth or depth vagina created, nor do we know when he will return to Langley BC.

Expect a hilarious next few months guys. Stay tuned to MeowMix and MeowTube – I’m sure a Yaniv meltdown will come soon. Maybe I’ll send him a Get Well Soon MeowMix shirt…