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Jessica Yaniv Simpson Fraudulent Disability Income

Jessica Yaniv Simpson is launching another legal attack on DFS. I’ve elected to leave most news related to DFS off of MeowMix in the past, given Donald’s issues and history, but this is relevant to JY.

Jon Yaniv filed court documents on April 6, 2023, indicating intent to file a BC Supreme Court lawsuit against DFS, essentially blaming him for every bad thing that ever happened. His lawsuit, which I am not publishing yet because it hasn’t been formally filed nor served, and I don’t want any feedback to help Jon, basically says every bad word ever said about Jon Yaniv is a lie started by Donald Smith, and these lies have caused him immeasurable pain and suffering. Blah blah blah.

Jon’s court filing included a request to have fees waived, and some records to support that request, including evidence of alleged trans-abled Jon receiving disability payments, and a copy of Jon’s resume. These records, made public on BC Court Services Online, are below.

It’s nice to see Jon’s resume pared down from 8 pages to 5. Still utterly ridiculous though. It’s one of the most embarrassing documents I’ve ever read.

Guys, you can breathe easy. According to the last paragraph, Jon is assured that his commitment to dealing with various roles would yield impeccable results. He isn’t assuring you, or employers. Just himself.

He can’t even name his own business lol. Last update we had, he’s using Peanut Marketing as a brand, and it’s failed miserably.

He put that he self-nominated himself for the SFU VP Equity Role – and then copy pasted a full page of word salad into his resume from SFU’s website. And he didn’t mention that he didn’t win the position.

Also hilarious, he added that he was a VOLUNTEER USHER for a few days at an SFU event. He didn’t add this as a volunteer role, but as a JOB.

Interesting that he’s worded this carefully to appear as if he already has his BA. Didn’t include the word student anywhere.

Fortunately, nobody will ever hire him for anything. Unfortunately, he’s faked his disabilities well enough that he’s collecting nearly $1500/month of government money. Even more unfortunately, some of the previous limits on assets that were in place to collect disability were changed in 2019. Some MeowMix readers have commented that he can’t have assets over $100,000 and still collect disability, so how can he collect if his has a condo? This changed in 2019 – one home is exempt. Likewise for vehicles. A previous limit of $10,000 vehicle value was lifted in 2019. Now you’re allowed to own one vehicle of any value. That’s how Jon is getting away with this. You can read more about that here, or on Google. A quick search shows this may also carry over to Legal Aid BC.

Is anyone else not at all surprised that Jon the Con Yaniv has figured out how to collect every possibly freebie he can?

For those who are curious about the DFS mess, Donald has been charged with some criminal shit related to Jon, in Alberta or Ontario, but there aren’t any details being posted here. There’s a fairly active twitter following on this. I recommend starting there.