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Jessica Yaniv Simpson February 2023 Wrap-Up

Jessica Yaniv Simpson had a somewhat quiet February, but even when it looks slow, the Yaniverse always has something batshit up it’s sleeve. When Jon the Con wasn’t trying to rip off seniors or scam local businesses, Miriam Yaniv was wreaking havoc. Also, in his own little sideshow, Jon’s nemesis Donald Smith, who has been criminally charged with several offenses and faces accusations of everything from theft to preying on young women for nudes, is back in the spotlight this month.

For those wondering about Jonny’s online silence about all things Simon Fraser University, we learned that sometime in January, he was banned from SFU property. He was not expelled (yet). He must complete his courses virtually and have an escort and appointment if he must come on SFU property. He was also ordered to cease any and all actions that make him appear as a representative of the University. Too bad they also didn’t order him to stop lying on his various social media bios and LinkedIn profile, but he did take down his challenge to debate Meghan Murphy once he got his Masters. He then denied the story about his being banned on Twitter by parsing the claim. He could deny that he had been asked to leave SFU. No one asked about being banned from campus.

Jonny started February where else but at the court house, either filing new lawsuits – using the new AI ChatGPT has made things so much easier for Jonny – or appearing in court with his psycho mother and out-of-control pet dog. Multiple hearings occurred in February to adjust dates or seek changes to her release conditions (which were denied). Her next hearing – to set a date – is scheduled for March 13, 2023.

Just to recap, for those who need a reference, the file number is 251780. The charges are CCC 430 Mischief; CCC 437 false alarm of fire (the same charge her son will be facing in court in June); 264.1(1)(b) Uttering threats to burn, destroy or damage; CCC437 false alarm of fire (second offence, different day).

February 3, Miriam (Jonny) filed personal injury lawsuits for a motor vehicle accident which occurred in 2021. Other than the defendants, the lawsuit appears to be the same boiler plate used by Jonny for his various injury lawsuits seeking general damages, special damages, costs, etc. You can smell the financial desperation wafting off the pages. He filed the same lawsuit again on February 14, 2023 with minor amendments but did not withdraw the original filing.

Random JY Pics from February 2023

Jonny spent the first weekend in February preparing for Miriam’s Monday, February 6 court appearance and then revisiting a tweet on child exploitation he posted in December, when he was insistent on arguing that underage victims of child sex abusers, like Amanda Todd, should be charged criminally. This corresponds with the Feb 5, 2023 passing of Canada’s Bill C-291 that amended the criminal code to change the name of “child pornography” to “child sexual abuse material”. This bill, which is long overdue, didn’t receive much media attention. It makes you wonder how closely Jonny follows child sexual abuse laws. Maybe he’s awaiting the “free the MAPs” bill.

Meanwhile in court, despite the dramatic props, the poor widow presentation, and several outright lies, the judge left the existing conditions in place. The residents of Miriam’s strata are safe till the actual criminal trial, which has yet to be set. After the living hell that both the Yaniv’s had put the residents through the past few years, they had decided that they had, had enough. The building is for seniors and being daily harassed by a deranged, verbally unintelligible woman and her incontinent, violent son was not how they had planned to spend their golden years.

Rather than publicly dealing with defeat of Miriam’s application for relaxed release conditions, Jonny, in a February 6 tweet, exulted in getting Donald Francis Smith arrested in Toronto – something he had being trying to do for months. Smith apparently posted video report on YouTube about Jonny’s “Pedo Mother” getting arrested and this put Jonny into a rage, claiming that it was criminal harassment, etc. Social media users responded by asking why Jonny did not spend as much time trying to get his mother stable housing and mental health help as he did trying to get Donald Francis Smith locked up.

On February 8, The Residences at Village Square called a special general meeting for Monday, February 27 to vote for a mandate to deal with Miriam Yaniv. We understand that the vote passed almost unanimously.

On February 10 much to the surprise of Jonny, Gerald Funk, the senior that he assaulted and then sued as an act of witness intimidation and harassment, actually appeared in court to dispute having his counter claim against Jonny dismissed. Mr. Funk only became aware of the hearing by accident despite Jonny’s claims that he was served. Guess who the judge believed.

Jonny went home furious, discovered the new AI chat bot, ChatPT and voila!, he had a new application to file on February 16. Words cannot begin to describe what the document contained except to say that it is becoming increasingly obvious that Jonny is starting to lose his mind becoming just like Miriam. He is not used to be being challenged and the courts not agreeing with his demands or his “special class” status. He is lashing out and we should all be grateful that it is just on paper SO FAR.

As one member of the team pointed out, compare his life four years ago when he was flying high as a transactivist with a lot of media coverage feeding his desire to be a celebrity to now where he is a convicted criminal with a global reputation as a racist pedophile and vexatious litigant. The application will be heard on March 17 at 2 PM and we will be there.

The DFS / JYS Lovefest

Smith is currently facing four charges – 2 counts of disobeying court orders, 1 count of criminal harassment and 1 count of uttering threats to cause bodily harm. He currently has a bench warrant in BC for not appearing for trial and is under condition in Alberta. As one observer pointed out, now we know why, after a couple of years, Jonny finally paid the court ordered damages to Smith. He thought he could lure Smith back to BC to collect and then have him arrested. Someone should lure these two into a cage match and let them duke it out once and for all.

Jon spent a good part of his social media activity whining about Donald Smith exactly the same way Donald Smith spends his whining about Jon. Birds of a feather I guess. It was telling when Jon tried to reach out to people who follow DFS’s case closely and they all blew him off. JY followers blow off DFS these days. DFS followers blow off JY. It really is a match made in heaven for these two.

In an effort to get one DFS-crime-watch followers attention, besides liking and retweeting some of her tweets, Jonny posted pictures of a kitten that he had adopted on February 25 when she asked for cat pictures. Animal lovers were outraged. The pictures showed a terrified cat trying to hiding as well as one of a dripping wet kitten with a “I bathe her weekly” claim.

February finally ended with a whimper when Miriam’s lawyer appeared virtually in criminal court on February 27 to request a two week delay in proceedings while Jonny and Miriam waited in their car in the parking lot.

What will happen in March is anyone’s guess as the financial pressures and legal stresses on the Yaniv’s continue to grow. But we do know that it won’t be pretty as we get closer to Jonny’s trial date in June.

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