jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson Falsely Claiming Rexy Passed Service Dog Assessment

Jessica Yaniv Simpson never ceases to impress upon the world how stupid they really are. Today is no exception. This time, they’re claiming they faux service dog has been assessed as a service dog when in fact it passed a very low end assistance animal exam that specifically states that it does not make Rexy a service dog. This assessment was to see if the dog would be a nuisance on campus – that’s it, that’s all. They should have tested Yaniv for the same thing.

Is this a distraction from Yaniv’s scammer lawsuit filed earlier this week?

jessica yaniv simpson

Note that “assistance animal” is in no way equivalent to a service dog. It’s actually insulting to real service dogs and service dog handlers. In fact, “assistance animal” isn’t even a legally defined term in BC. He may as well have had Rexy assessed as a cheeseburger.

What’s also insulting is that he says Rexy passed with “flying colours” when the real assessment (below) shows some concerning behaviour, like aggression towards prey, jumping on Jonathan, and getting too excited to stay in one room. I guess there’s probably all kinds of “flying colours” in this dumb fucks head. Like all the colours of the stupidity rainbow. Oh look how bright the madness shines against the backdrop of derangement and imbecility!

Moving on, Yaniv had to brag about this to his little scammer posse.

I normally take out names but these are people working with JY to support service dog scams. I’m sure a friendly MeowMix reader will reach out to them to make sure they know what JY really is. Shelanne, for example, also has a fake service dog and wears an Amazon service dog vest. Lisa Arlin has a fake service dog and has been reprimanded by BC TransLink for it and begs for cigarette money on social media. Rowan Borneman is the one that keeps giving JY the little screengrabs that say service dogs don’t need to be certified. It’s like a little ring of self-entitled meatheads that think they’re better than everyone else and they’ve welcomed Jon Yaniv, someone who once asked a 9 year old girl to help him jerk off, into their club.

This is the person that assessed his dog. Credentials are genuine. She runs the site Academic Dog.

Her assessment, which likely cost $350 and took all of 2 hours, does not make Rexy a service dog. In fact, her own literature says as much. The documentation posted by JY, which is conveniently cut off, is below. The first paragraph very clearly disputes Yaniv’s Facebook post. This does not certify Rexy as a service dog.

Note: real service dogs don’t do these things. Jon wouldn’t know that though.

It’s interesting – and telling – that the assessor took JY’s word about Rexy alerting to a medical issue. JY lied, she took his word for it. Says a bit about her credibility, or perhaps it exposes her motives – she’s running a for-profit business and she wanted JY’s money. You don’t get repeat clients by pissing them off. I’m not saying she’s not legit, or not skilled – she very much seems to be – but this isn’t what JY is making it out to be. You don’t get service dog certifications for $350.

In fact, the only place I could find (in 10 minutes of lazy searching) any reference to an “assistance animal” being a legally recognized thing is on for-profit websites like CertaPet, which says “some provinces” recognize it. It doesn’t include any links or examples. Most of the literature afterwards refers to Emotional Support Animals. It’s the kind of site shady fake-service-dog scammers run. Similar sites like ESAPet coach scammers through the same kind of things – how to get your pet treated as a service animal.

Reality: JY paid money for an assessment to let Rexy on campus, which is something SFU was demanding, and now he’s telling the world Rexy is a service dog.