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Jessica Yaniv Simpson April 2023 Wrap-Up

April showers bring May flowers, as the old saying goes, but in the world of Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Miriam Yaniv, April brings legal disappointment, financial worries, and more social isolation.

Jonny spent the first ten days of April flooding Twitter with almost 100 AI-generated posts and retweets. As expected, Jonny could not restrain himself from trying to join the conversation, so, using ChatGPT, he started tweeting and responding to others. They pretty much all started off with the word exciting (15+) followed by either news, fact, development, or advancements. He also liked the words wow, fascinating and insightful.

Jonny also retweeted congratulations but it would appear people have caught on to his scam and did not reply or even like. What replies there were, he quickly hid as they called him out for being a fraud and a pedophile. He had almost no interactions unless they were bots and even those began to trail off.

Miriam was scheduled to appear in court on April 6 for a disposition hearing related to her four criminal charges. She was originally scheduled for April 12, 2023, to set a date for a future hearing to enter a plea and eventually proceed to trial, but a disposition hearing was suddenly scheduled. We suspected a plea deal was reached and her sentencing and probation would be settled on April 25. One interesting thing of note was that to avoid spectators from the strata as well as online viewers, the Yaniv’s showed up for the morning block procedures despite being scheduled for the afternoon. A number of strata residents have no contact orders against Jonny and if they were already in the courtroom when he and Miriam arrived, he would have had to leave, leaving Miriam to deal with issues by herself. The court obviously had the time to deal with them (probably took less than 10 minutes). The afternoon judge was surprised that Miriam was not in the courtroom, but the clerk explained what had happened.

Jonny also started the process to sue Donald Francis Smith on April 6 in the BC Supreme Court except he can’t or won’t do it unless all fees are waived. The Supreme Court, unlike small claims court, does not have a $35,000 cap. This is the same court that he lost the SLAPP suit against Rebel Media in July 2022.

April 9, craving positive feedback for his AI’s work, he participated in the Simon Fraser creative online Sunday writing workshop chat. There was a series of writing questions that participants answered. It was so obvious that Jonny’s responses were AI generated merely rephrasing the question into a statement. He got no replies nor were any of his answers retweeted by the writing workshop coordinators. He did get a couple of likes.

On April 11, the Simon Fraser April 4-6 election results were announced. Despite being banned from campus, he ran for every office he was eligible for – Senate, Board of Governors, and student representative on the Simon Fraser University Community Trust. He lost, basically coming either last or in the bottom three. But he is still on the Senate Undergraduate Awards Adjudication Committee as an undergraduate alternative until the end of the month as well as being the student member of the Senate Committee on Continuing Studies until May 31, 2024. It is important to note that despite what Jonny has been putting in his LinkedIn Bio he was acclaimed, not elected to each position and in fact, the other student position on the continuing studies committee is still vacant.

On April 15, Jonny announced that he was excited to announce that he was “pursing” an additional minor in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. When he was mocked, he immediately changed it. When he realized that the edit showed up on the now pinned tweet with the edit icon, he deleted the post and had his AI rewrite it. He is now excited to share that he is pursuing a minor in molecular biology and biochemistry.

Jonny lost another Reddit account on April 16. What started as a ChatGPT generated screed about service dogs including his usual racism quickly devolved into the usual shit show. Is he just too stupid to learn that if he is looking for support and approval, he has to leave racism out? As usual, he was quickly called out for being a racist and using the AI. He, as usual, 

responded by declaring his critics were not students. It would have been boring except he suddenly claimed that one of his critic’s wife was from Kuwait which made no sense at all in the context of the postings unless he was trying to intimidate and threaten someone on the subreddit by implying he knew who it was.

The same account had previously posted about sustainability and got called out there as well for using the ChatGPT. It also pretended to not be Jonny when responding to comments about him being banned from campus. He basically said that if Jonny was banned why was he still being allowed to run in the elections? Not willing to leave well enough alone he had to add that Jonny was an active student who he, the account holder, saw three times a week on campus. This where Jonny always fucks up. It is those little added lies that trip him up. As an aside despite what Jonny claimed in the Reddit post, being banned is not the same as being expelled. He was still technically a student and so could run for student office.

Jonny arrived at court in full wheelchair bound victim mode on April 17 to try to have his two probation sentences ended early as well as having a private prosecution process hearing. In addition to the details previously reported on in MeowMix, the hearing gave insight into Jonny’s growing frustration and desperation despite his sense of entitlement not diminishing in the least. Despite claiming otherwise, he was following Twitter on his phone, exaggerating insulting observations into threats, and demanding that the judge do something to protect him. Remember him asking to be walked to his vehicle at previous court appearances because he needed protection from the haters. Remember the disdainful and disgusted facial expressions on both the court sheriff and his own lawyer? Some things never change.

He was disdainful and insulting to the Sheriff when the Sheriff told him to put away his phone. Then it became obvious that the Sheriff knew more about what Jonny was claiming about why he couldn’t put his phone away (his daughter was diabetic and used the same programs and devices properly – unlike Jonny) than Jonny did. He sullenly put away his phone, but you could see he was trying to figure out a way to get the Sheriff in trouble.

Since there has been nothing new on the various CSO’s to date about the private prosecution, we are assuming at this point that it, like all his previous private prosecutions, was tossed.

Jonny spent the rest of the week either retweeting or posting whatever his AI was churning out on biochemistry, microbiology, and genetics. There was very little interaction to his posts other than likes or retweets by subject related science bots and those who called him out for being a fraud and a pedophile. Those he promptly blocked and hid. But he did create a new sock modelled on one of the bots that had responded to him @BinfoTrends. Jonny’s sock is @Biotrends 2023. Has no tweets. Yet strangely, screen shots of deleted shots from that account were sent to MeowMix. Based on the date, it looks like Jonny was doing a test run on how quickly he could post and delete.

On April 23, he was once more taking part in the Simon Fraser University online writing sprint workshop. It was so obvious that his writing claims were bullshit – 22 pages, 9,000 words in under an hour. This time he was totally ignored by the other participants despite trying to interact with them. No one believe his claims that the arduous process of producing such a voluminous document left his fingers fatigued and still looking for attention, he then posted about the First People’s Gathering House construction and the call for Indigenous students to submit visual expressions. Of course, he said he was going to but not as a first-year community access student but as a third-year Indigenous student. The pushback was as you might expect. How did Jonny respond? By now declaring that he was Metis, of course. The push back continued and even included descriptions of the process to be accepted as a member of the Métis nation. The most common reply was that Jonny could not self-declare himself a Métis like he could a transwoman.

On April 24, he replied to a tweet by a SFU Criminology professor commenting on students using ChatGPT to complete their course assignments. He asked if the prof’s comments were for a specific Criminology course. That tweet raised the question online about not only how SFU deals with cheaters but in a follow-up online discussion just how stupid was Jon Yaniv? If you are going to cheat, you do not draw attention to it in a global forum. Jonny now has another line he can add to his voluminous LinkedIn resume – ChatGPT academic fraudster.

The following day, April 25 Miriam appeared in court with yet another lawyer, to plead guilty to charges 1 and 4 – mischief and false alarm of a fire. Charges 3 and 4 were stayed until her sentencing hearing, pending her being able to follow her probation conditions and could be brought back anytime. A psychiatric evaluation and pre-sentencing hearing have been scheduled prior to her July 11 sentencing. She was allowed to return home with conditions which very few people believe that she will be able to abide by. Strangely, she asked if she would be allowed to go to her condo storage unit. The judge said No. If she needed anything, her sister could get it for her. That question made many people wonder what was in that storage unit that was so important? It also reminded people of Miriam being spotted leaving out of the side door of Jonny’s condo in 2019 carrying several bags while the RCMP were searching Jonny’s condo. At the time people joked that it was his collection of child porn hard drives.

While Miriam was neatly dressed and rather subdued, her son put on quite a side show in the public gallery. It is now apparent that despite claiming to be a transwoman, he is not even trying to pass. He kept walking his wheelchair out of the gallery area, glaring up at the camera as if he were trying to see who was watching. Rather than lying quietly beside Jonny, as a trained and certified service dog would, Rexy was bored pulling at his leash trying to explore his surroundings while Jonny played with his phone despite the ban on cell phone use in the court. When challenged by the Sheriff, he once again claimed medical device. Since this Sheriff did not have the same background knowledge that the previous Sheriff (April 17) had, she let it go. Was Jonny checking Twitter for “threats” again?

Jonny went home furious. He stewed overnight and then went on to a BC Strata Facebook group anonymously (of course) to complain. But from the screenshot of the rant sent to MeowMix, it was obviously Jonny using ChatGPT again. He neglected to include such salient details as his mother threatening to set the building on fire and pleading guilty to criminal charges nor did he mention that he is banned from the property and is charged with assaulting one of the residents. Instead, he concentrated on his usual go to topic of “service dogs do not have to be certified” and how the strata is harassing his mother. Making her stick to her probation conditions and being ready to document her is not harassment, Jon. It is being prudent. People know that you lie about everything even in court.

Jonny then replied to the organizers of an American research conference thanking them for sending him the conference info and that he did qualify to work in the US. Sometimes Jonny is just so bad at trolling. Most of the replies concentrated on the fact that he is not academically qualified to go, nor would he be allowed into the US with his criminal record and upcoming criminal trials. He was responding to a tweet that was sent out on April 9 (two weeks previously) reminding people that April 9 was the last day to submit their abstracts. He posted a second tweet offering financial aid to students who wished to attend. That is probably how he found the conference. He is so desperate for money that he is obviously continuing his constant online searches for grants and awards.

On a roll, Jonny then created a new Twitter account called @killtransphobz with the same emoji that he used when conversing online with some of his underage victims in the past. He used this account to insult and threaten his critics for about 30 seconds before deleting them BUT screen shots were captured and sent to MeowMix Really Jonny do you think we didn’t know it was you even without the gloating tweet that Donald Francis Smith had now been in custody for 100 days? This account was a mirror image of the @BeyondtheBan account from last September which Twitter suspended. That account as well as the ServiceDogRexy and ServiceDogsBC accounts that alerted the SFU administration that you were going to be a problem, something that their students already knew from your online interactions on the universities various platforms and at student government meetings.

Despite constantly deleting his tweets, Jonny suddenly changed the name of the account to @TransphobeNuker, likely mandated by Twitter. But Jonny could not do it without acting out his emotional age. The bio picture was changed to a child with Down’s Syndrome. The online response was what you would expect. Individuals with intellectual challenges are one of Jonny’s favourite targets. He changed the picture the next day to the generic trans badge. MeowMix will feature more on this account soon, but here’s a sneak peek at the disgusting content Jon is posting with it.

The other thing of note before the account went quiet on April 30 after days of furious posts, was him accusing people he assumed were behind MeowMix of being pedophile and then posting graphic tweets of what he thought they were doing as pedophiles. That backfired spectacularly as all it did before he had to delete them was confirm to an even wider audience that he was indeed an uncharged pedophile.

While there are no legal dates scheduled for May, it is anyone guess how long mother and son can behave and follow their probation conditions. May could see some spectacular meltdowns or further violence as the June trial date draws near, Jonny is expelled or not allowed to take more courses at SFU, and their financial problems continue to grow with rising interest rates and taxes due.

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