jessica yaniv simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson and Phony Service Dog Sighting!

A quick read for Monday morning!

This past Saturday, January 22, 2022, Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Miriam Yaniv, and Rexy the Faux Service Dog were spotted at Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock, BC. They entered the restaurant with JY’s fake service dog, sat down, and left shortly after without ordering anything. Our source described them as visibly “dirty and nasty”.

Our source described Jonny’s dog as anxious, hyper, and “almost in distress”. Rexy was wearing a fake-looking Amazon service dog vest and was definitely not a service or therapy dog. JY had no control over it. The dog was basically taking JY for a walk and, hilariously, as it pulled him out of the restaurant, JY almost lost his pants!

After the Yaniv clan left the restaurant, they sat in their car and argued for at least 30 minutes.

Editor note: a quick look at the menu for this restaurant it’s clear that Broke as a Joke Jon the Con was hoping to mooch a meal off his mom here. I wonder if he complained about it to get his meal free….