Jessica Yaniv Catfished Another Jessica

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Flashback….last week, Nicole flipped the tables on JY, flicking Yaniv out of her world like a meaningless fly. Along with that came a massive dump of screenshots and chat logs. Much of it was friendly chatter, but mixed in were mountains of JY’s usual bullshit. One thing jumped out at me – Yaniv kept talking about a date. Thankfully, Nicole was happy to help me track down Yaniv’s so-called fling, and boy did she have a different version of events than JY.

Editor: this is going to get confusing….any reference to “Jessica” in this article refers to the woman that Yaniv catfished. All other references are JY.

In early June, Yaniv was bragging to Nicole that this woman named Jessica was “amazing” and that she went back to their place after meeting up. Yaniv said, “It was amazing. Didn’t do anything on the first date but…it was good.”

JY’s version of events, as described to Nikki, can be extrapolated from the images below.

Jessica has a different version of events, which she shared with me over audio. I’ve transcribed them below.

“So I was on a dating app. She had a very, very filtered profile photo. When I met up with her I obviously noticed that she looked quite different. I had some red flags right off the bat.”

“I didn’t know her last name yet, and a roommate of mine told me about her. I have no idea about all this online stuff that has to do with her because I’m ‘pro everything’ but I didn’t know there was someone this crazy and controversial living right near me. I found out about her and I stopped contact immediately.

“She has since given my name to at least one other person who contacted her to ask her why she hadn’t snapped back at Jessica (JY, via snapchat). I very bluntly said I’m just not comfortable speaking with her (JY) anymore and I would appreciate her not giving my info out and that it’s not OK because I will go to the police.”

“I just got out of a really difficult 8-year relationship and I’ve just been looking for friends and she (JY) was a friendly person who was trying to make anyone and everyone who can be in her company do so and there was a lot of red flags. She was very creepily and constantly and consistently messaging and it was just not a good vibe, to be honest.”


“She did give me flowers and it had a tulip in it and my cat did try to lick one of the flowers so I was worried my cat may be poisoned because of it. Nothing actually happened to my cat. Jessica (JY) was the one that brought me the flowers and she then offered to pay for it. That was the last time I saw her, because I wasn’t going to hang out with her again.”

Jessica (not JY) was very clear to JY up front that she was only seeking friendship.

“The only other time I did meet up with her, which she is calling a second date, I specifically said that I am looking for only friendship at this time. We didn’t kiss. It’s really creeping me out seeing these messages, to be honest, because I was just trying to make friends. It’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen about myself and it makes me not want to be online dating at all anymore.”

EDITED: Clarified Timeline – – they met in early June and went for a walk. JY brought flowers to this first meet. JY’s place was on her way home and JY offered a bite to eat before they drove back. She briefly stopped in at Yaniv’s place. She kept chatting with Yaniv afterwards but didn’t plan to meet again. When her cat came in contact with the flower, she mentioned it to Yaniv, and JY offered to take it to the vet. JY called this their second date. They went to the vet, left separately, and she cut ties.

That’ll teach you to bring flowers like that. Also, Jessica was quick to point out that it wasn’t a long walk. It was a short little visit. A very short walk, she said, and some standing around talking. That’s it.

I showed Jessica some of the historical screenshots and chat logs about JY, and recommended she doesn’t just take my word for it – she should look JY up on Google as well. Jessica had this to say:

“Oh my God, that is all just so messed up. Girls should be able to feel safe around other girls, so it really scares me that I felt more confident to meet with a girl than a guy in a random strange place and this just completely removes that safe feeling.”

To be clear JY – these were not dates, Jessica had zero romantic interest in you, and you were told that up front. You saying that your “fingers will go into the Ginger”, referring to Jessica as “the Ginger”, isn’t just revolting. It’s rapey and threatening.

And then to say she played you and ghosted you? Yaniv! She was up front with you that she was only looking for friends. You pushed her and pressured her in much the same way creepy, clingy men pressure women.

And to say she loved you? She looked into your soul? We’re not even convinced you have a soul. You prey on the vulnerable and beg for 9 year girls to select porn clips so you can masturbate.

And flowers? On a first NON-DATE? Are you out of your mind? Quick poll ladies…if you tell someone you just want to be friends and they show up with flowers….

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I’ll let the poll results speak for themselves as they come in.

I could start 10 more paragraphs with “and this, and this and this” but you guys get the point. JY, you need to get the point too – you’re screwed up.

In talking with Jessica, she told me just how awful this made her feel and how creepy it all was. Yaniv was relentless in messaging her. JY sent her pictures of those sensory deprivation tanks and tried to say they should it a “couples one”. Jessica declined, saying she’d only ever do that in a singles situation, no matter who she was with. JY pushed the issue, saying she would love it, but Jessica dropped it.

There’s certain things I have to ask when I find out someone went to Chateau Yaniv. There’s questions to be asked! Like…what’s it like?

Jessica described it as small, one bedroom. She said it was well kept, but there was a basket right on the counter in the bathroom with tampons and pads overflowing. It seemed like an otherwise normal apartment, except one glaring thing – there are cameras in every single room, including JY’s bedroom. JY said these were for “protection”.

I showed Jessica the infamous picture of under Yaniv’s bathroom cabinet, where Yaniv stores hundreds of tampons and pads, and Jessica just said, “What the fuck? I didn’t even look there!” Jessica did confirm it’s the same bathroom she was in though, which confirms the authenticity of that picture.

In their two short meets, Yaniv managed to bring up GRS and it’s penis, telling Jessica that they (JY) are unable to use it. Apparently it doesn’t work because of hormones JY takes, and there is a surgery planned for transitioning. Yaniv claims Jessica brought up her period, too. Right.

There isn’t much more history to talk about. Jessica kept it as mostly small talk, and it was mostly on Snapchat (remember that time Yaniv said they never use Snapchat? See below).

It’s not surprising that JY is lurking on apps like HERSocial now, and SnapChat. Conversations are private on both of those, and Snapchat takes the additional measure of deleting everything automatically. How convenient for a predator like JY?

Yaniv…you need to get something through your head. You’re a predator and you need to stop. You’re catfishing women on HER. Your profile picture is bogus. It doesn’t matter if it was “based” on you. That isn’t what you look like. 0%. It’s not you. That’s like faceswapping my bulldog with Jennifer Aniston and saying, “Look how pretty my bulldog is! No really, that’s her!“. The only difference is my bulldog was cute before the picture swap. You’re a monster in all forms.

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