Imaginary Fiancé Samantha and Friend Monica Speak Up About Predator Jessica Yaniv Simpson

Jessica Yaniv Simpson’s campaign of deceit and lies has found two more victims, this time a young woman from nearby Surrey and another woman from eastern Canada. Fortunately, like everyone always does, they realized JY was conning them and did their own homework, which made them see JY for who he really is – a predator. Now they’re speaking up against Yaniv so others may see him for who he is, and identify the patterns of behaviour he uses to con people.

Note: this is going to be a two-parter. This post will tell you the story and some of the pictures and videos shared between the group. Part two will be delayed a few days, for reasons you’ll soon understand.

Samantha had been friends with JY online for some time. They’d even met a few times in person. Samantha admits to struggling with some mental health concerns, which made her vulnerable to JY, who smothered her with compliments and support. We’ve seen that before from him and others predators – they’ll fawn over their victims and groom them.

She had heard some of the stories about JY, but he convinced her it was all made up by “trolls” named Chris Taylor and Lisa Marie on Facebook. He said those two people wanted him dead because he was a trans woman. Given the hurdles faced by trans people on a daily basis, it’s not a super stretch to see how this could be a believable story. Combined with the fact that JY made Samantha feel good sometimes, she chose to believe him.

Samantha is a sweet, kind woman. Some of the chats our team members have had with her made us feel like she was a great person! She’s friendly, kind, and funny! She’s one of those women that (like it or not) calls everyone “hun” or “love”.

Sadly for her, JY thought that meant more than it did, leading to this post on Facebook:

jessica yaniv simpson

Unsurprisingly, Yaniv is one of those guys that thinks a girl loves him when she calls him “love”. He took this WAY too far. Unbeknownst to Samantha, Yaniv was telling people he was in a relationship with her.

Sam didn’t “not want JY to tell people”. Sam didn’t know herself!

The above message was sent to Monica, a woman from eastern Canada. She became involved with Yaniv indirectly. Samantha, Monica, some other women, and eventually Yaniv, were signed up for Tori Belle Cosmetics and selling it as a team. Only Samantha knew Yaniv, and the rest of the women were supportive and friendly the way one may expect from a team. They had no idea who Jon was.

Yaniv, after all, presented himself as a marketing wizard. He was going to take them sky high, maybe make them go viral. Check out some of the team chat from social media posts, and Yaniv’s first “marketing” video. Quick note – the post below on Yaniv’s Instagram that starts with “I am so excited to share this with you…” – it’s entirely plagiarized. You can google the text yourself and see several other women posted the exact same thing.

After that, who wouldn’t want to buy Tori Belle products.

Yaniv kept chatting with Samantha and Monica, but they were very different conversations.

Sadly, and this is relevant to the story and posted with permission, Samantha had spent some time in the hospital recently. During this stay, which only ended last week, Samantha’s stepfather passed away. She found this out because he was rushed to the very same hospital she was staying at. She had to drag her IV pole across the building to say goodbye to her stepdad, who was only alive because machines were keeping him that way.

This tragedy opened doors to Yaniv.

Yaniv started asking Monica, someone who describes herself as a psychic medium, about spirits and death. He asked how far spirits can travel, and how fast. And then he started talking about how he believed Samantha’s stepfather’s spirit had come to his apartment to show her (Samantha) that he was safe. Not only was he saying this, but he had evidence.

Just to be clear what it says above….Jon is saying that Samantha’s stepdads ghost is in his bedroom and Rexy the Service Spirit Dog sees him.

Remember, this is immediately after Samantha’s stepdad died, and behind her back. Here’s the video.

Apparently he’s also in JY’s bathroom.

And on JY’s bed (ignore the cute puppy video at the end, with the ironic Donald-lover cheeseburger).

Quick editor comment….Look at how much of a pig Yaniv is. That filthy room and bathroom…yuck! What a slob! You have to also wonder…does he have the security camera in his room for when Miriam sleeps over?

Yaniv was trying really hard to manipulate Monica’s talents/abilities as a psychic to steer the situation with Samantha. Not only that, but he was tugging at her heartstrings, playing the poor trans victim card.

There’s so much to pick apart there:

  • Whining about his undiagnosed complex regional pain claim.
  • Wanting to shoot Chris Taylor and Lisa Marie.
  • Lying about his incident with Chris Elston. Is he even allowed to talk about Elston? It would be a shame if someone showed him.
  • Whining about a contract he had to sign to get his GRS.
  • Whining about needing to hire security.

Fortunately, Monica saw through this bullshit and started digging. She found MeowMix, and countless other sources online, and she shared details with Samantha.

The chat above, between Monica (purple/blue) and Samantha (white) was shared with the MeowMix team. It led to several people from our team talking to Samantha and giving her the support she needed. Samantha is grieving, and JY is preying on her via her deceased stepfathers spirit.

Monica went on to tell Samantha how Yaniv was saying they were together, which disgusted her. When the MeowMix team was talking to Samantha we asked about this as well, and Samantha appeared genuinely shocked and disturbed. She said it was “crazy shit” and “that’s fucked up shit”. She had no idea what Jon Yaniv was on about. Meanwhile, he’s planning their wedding.

So just to sum up what has happened above…

  • Samantha knew JY online, met a couple times.
  • Got signed up for Tori Belle, met Monica.
  • Tried to connect with Monica via chronic pain, then use her psychic skills to twist Samantha.
  • Samantha’s dad died – an opportunity for JY to strike.
  • Monica caught on, told Samantha.

If you’re still confused, you’re not alone.

What happened to Tori Belle? Yaniv got shitcanned from it. Yaniv admitted he was using fake profiles to prop up the group, which he shared with the girls. Here’s the fake profiles:

No surprise he’s still using the Cimorelli fan page. Creep.

We also have evidence of his termination by Tori Belle:


And what about that “contract” with GRS? Well he sent it to Monica as evidence that he was a poor trans victim. Unfortunately for him, it shows that the clinic was actually more concerned about HIS behaviour and HIS criminal charges, not others.

And the security?

We’re going to wrap this part up now, but part two is coming, with more screenshots, media, etc. We’re giving it a few days. Samantha is going through some tough times right now (obviously). I ask that our readers leave only supportive, positive thoughts for Samantha in the comments for this post. Send her your positive vibes and love. She needs it right now. Save the comments for Yaniv for part 2, or Twitter.

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