Chat Log Dump! Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Nine Girls Pt 2.

Thanks to The Lone Gunmen, we’re able to provide the most complete chat records between Yaniv and several of the young women that fell victim to his predatory behaviour.

Part 2. First transcripts are here.

MandaPanda popped up in 2019. She remains Yaniv’s friend, and goes by JediBlonde on Twitter.

Nicole’s chat logs start in 2019, too.

And 2020 brought us Raygen.

Of course, Yaniv’s interactions aren’t limited to just this. In just the last year, MeowMix has spoken with several other young women about his behaviour. There are bits and pieces of chats from all of them, but not all of them are enough to form a full log.

We’ve also spoken with Jordan, Carlee, Jessica, Tiana, and so many others. As more women Speak Up, MeowMix will be there to share their stories and expose this predator for who he truly is.