Abby’s Weekly Wrap Up, 30 January, 2021

Hi guys and gals! What a weird 2 weeks, am I right? I wrote a poem for Jon’s penis. It will be at the end of this little section. But first, let me say thank you for dropping by and checking out The Wrap Up. Thank you for your support and comments. Remember to check out our merch. We don’t make much from each item but it goes to help cover costs such as document requests and server costs. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter! And now, the poem.

Ode To The Chode

Tiny and egg shaped
It’s never been kissed
Except for the Mohel
At his Bris.

He said it leaked stuff
All sticky and white
Claimed it was his period
The boy just ain’t right.

Tampons, pads, and Midol
And we mustn’t forget the Livia!
So much to keep track of
When playing Yaniv Trivia.

Jon has now done what we doubted
We thought he was looking for clout
But now the Chode is gone
He’s had it turned inside out.